Monday, October 4, 2010

Environmental Portrait

On September 26, 2010 early in the morning, I met one of the amazing guys on pier at Santa Monica Beach. His name is Terry Prince. He is an acclaimed Singer-Songwriter based in the U.S. He was born in Deming, NM, a small Southwestern town, located 30 miles north of the Mexico border. He loves singing a song and playing a keyboard. His songs are of hope, love, and inspiration.

It's a beautiful day that I saw him while he was singing and playing a song on the pier. It was very peaceful by hearing all his love songs. So I was slowing approached and seated next to him on the ground with holding my camera at that time. After 10minutes later, I felt like to photograph him so I simply asked him a permission for taking picture. He absolutely said "YES" to me. So I took him a couple of nice shots from different angles. These are the pictures that i shots with Canon 5D with fish-eye Len. Thanks for being my singer model at Santa Monica Pier. I had a great time shooting with him.

For more information, Go to his website: You can check out more about his biography, music, videos, gallery, and much more.

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